Client Testimonials

"great tracking service and we love the chat feature. None better!"sandra cfti,
"Hitsniffer is amazing! I think this website can help me for monitoring my visitor very well, That's great."Anita Sesar Ria,
"Been using the service now for over six months. The real time data is invaluable, it shows me exactly what I need to know in order to run my business. It separates the casual visitor from the serious one. The data is presented in a professional and easy to use format. It even shows me the location of my visitors, and especially useful I know which pages generate the most interest.

The customer service is second to none. Recently had security problems with my PayPal account, they stopped me making any payments. I contacted Hitsniffer as I was concerned about a loss of service. The guys there were very understanding, they promised no interruption in my service until I sorted the problem out. I can say that the guys at Hitsniffer value every single client be it a small guy like me or a mega company. This type of customer care and the excellent data they provide will keep me coming back year on year.

Well done guys, keep up the excellent work. "Nigel Taylor,
"I love being able to track users. To be able to track loyal users is great for me. That way I know what users want. I've never used such a great status tracker. Thank You!"James Niemerg,
"HiitSniffer is a must have tool for those serious about doing business online. The ability to track the entire history of a visitor on your site, and then match that history to a name, provides unparalleled insight that helps close more sales. I recommend it to all of my clients and colleagues doing business online, and recommend it for you too."Robet Dempsey,
"All I can say is that hitsniffer is fantastic!"Francine Connolly,
"I just love the amount of information your service gives me, some of it is way over my head though!"Jayne Sterne,
"I have only been using the site for just over a week and I think it is an absolutely brilliant piece of kit! Keep up the good work guys."Commonly known as Dom,
"We run a medical practise in the USA and we had a website built to increase our client base. Once the site was built we then had to know if our website was actually working by sending us new business. Hitsniffer gives us accurate data regarding how our site visitors found us and most importantly how many contact us direct from the website. Hitsniffer is an invaluable tool for our business now,"Angie Powers,
"After having used many different statistic websites I found hitsniffer. I have been using the service to monitor our site's traffic for about six months and I would not use anything else now."Paul Johnstone,
"Wow. FANTASTIC service you have here. So glad a found this. This works like a dream. Even the loading screen is cool (don't change it please, it's trippy :))"Jason Comely,
"P.S. LOVE your service, and I tell everyone about how cool it is!"Jason Comely,
"I'm so impressed I already signed up.
Although my site won't get mega hits I guess I'm just a geek and love this kind of stuff."Nigel Taylor,
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